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 Art of Sculpting 6" Babies Traing Dvd $20


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   How to paint newborn eyelids and micro veins
Newborn babies’ eyelids can have as many as 3 colors in them.  That’s right! There are 3 transparent tints that comprise coloring for babies’ thin delicate eyelids.  There are also bright red micro veins that are just under the surface of the skin. 
 Both the eyelid colors and the veins are highly transparent.  Authentic Reborn has captured that look in our newest STT, “How to Paint Newborn Eyelids & Micro Veins”.  This is an intensive, single chapter training course with lots of color photos and clear step by step lessons.  
 In this STT you will learn:
 How to make the micro veins very, very thin and delicate
How and where to apply transparent eyelid purple
How and where to apply transparent eyelid blue
How and where to apply transparent eyelid red
How to create moist looking eyelids
How to use the tools and supplies to create the most life like effect $6
 How to paint delicate eyebrows

Painting delicate eyebrows on your baby is easier than ever with the techniques you’ll learn from Authentic Reborn™.

  Authentic Reborn has just released its newest Special Techniques Tutorial, “How to Paint Delicate Eyebrows”  

 In this STT you will learn:

The three most important things to do to paint ultra fine eyebrows hairs.

How to avoid paint blobs

How to know where the eyebrows should go

 How to erase a bad eyebrow hair without ruining the good ones

 How to make eyebrows three dimensional

 How to remove the shine from eyebrows

  What are the best tools to use and how to use them best $6


 How to make baby bubbles
 Have you had a hard time trying to blow bubbles in your Aleen’s Paper Glaze?  Do they just keep popping as you make them?  The reason for that is that most clear products such as Aleen’s Paper Glaze do not have sufficient surface tension to hold the bubbles once you blow them.  Products that will make baby tears don’t necessarily make good bubbles in a baby’s mouth.  Secrist has just the right thing with our new Baby Bubbles Solution.  This product is as clear as water and holds tiny bubbles just like real saliva.  The Baby Bubble Maker is perfect for blowing tiny bubbles in your dolls mouth that give it that added realism seldom seen in a reborn baby.  The Baby Bubble Solution comes in a 6ml eyedropper bottle that gives you enough solution to do up to 100 babies. $6
 How to paint a clay sculpt
The Painting Clay Sculpts Tutorial is the first of the Special Technique Sheets available.  The tutorial takes you one step at a time through the entire process of painting a clay sculpt.  You'll learn how and here to add blush, how many layers of lip paint to use, and how to enhance creases and wrinkles to make your sculpt look incredibly lifelike.  The Painting Clay Sculpts Tutorial uses a 19" doll as the painted example, but the tutorial will apply to ANY sculpt at any size from 6 inches to 22 inches.   This tutorial covers painting the head only, but the blushing technique can be applied to the entire doll. $6
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