Real brand doll eyes from Secrist


At Last... Life-Like Doll Eyes for Reborn Babies!
You put a lot of effort into the detailed painting of skin tone and fingernails so why use eyes that look more like glass than like real eyes? Glass is great for antique dolls but not for life-like newborn dolls. Get newborn eyes that bring out the life in your new creation.

Secrist Newborn Eyes are the most detailed and life-like commercial quality newborn eyes in the world today. These eyes are made in the USA which is why they can have such beauty, quality and depth of realism. Each eye has an actual magnification lens in front of the pupil just like real babies have. The detail in the eye is so fine and delicate that you will have to use a magnifying glass to see it all. Newborn eyes come in six colors and sizes 22mm -16mm. Best of all the prices are really low.

Real Eyes can be put in the oven for use in clay or porcelain dolls and will not change colors.
Made in the USA
As many of you know Secrist Dolls is one of the last major doll manufacturers to still produce vinyl dolls right here in the United states. This is why our vinyl quality and doll designs are rated as some of the best in the world of dolls. Now Secrist has done it again by introducing a new line of lens quality polymer eyes made in our own American doll factory. We are the only American doll factory that can make that claim! And because Secrist Newborn eyes Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes are made in America by Americans we are able to offer you the most incredibly realistic newborn eyes ever seen.

Delicate Detail and Realism
When you reborn or newborn a vinyl doll you will put a lot of detailed effort into your creation. Why? Because the little details that you add to your baby will make a big difference to your customers. The finer the detail, the more beautiful the doll. This is also true of the eyes that you use. Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have the tiny little details in the iris that you would expect to see in a real newborn. You can see the twinkle in the baby's eye even with this dark iris. That's because there are very faint hints of color through out making the Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes come to life in a way seldom see in doll eyes. Lastly, Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have an actual glass-like lens over the iris of each eye to magnify the light coming in to the pupil, just like a real newborn baby's.

The Beauty of Glass
Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have the beauty of glass but the strength of polymer. That's because they are made of the same optical grade polymer that eyeglasse lenses are made from. This elegant material reflects the glossy highlights and clarity of glass without the fragile disadvantages. You can actually see the magnified light reflect in the eyes just as you would with a newborn.

Oven Safe
Real Eyes Brand Doll eyes and Secrist Newborn eyes are oven safe up to 275 degrees for a 20 minute bake cycle in polymer clay doll sculptures. When using our eyes in a sculpt simply place your clay sculpt in the center of the oven and bake. Another method to protect polymer eyes during baking is to lay a sheet of aluminum foil loosely over the front of the face during the baking process. This shields the eyes from the direct radiant heat of the oven coils but allows the warm air to cook the polymer clay. Be sure to check your oven with an oven thermometer to determine the proper setting to achieve the safe and correct temperature.



16mm eyes




18mm eyes



chocolate, newborn dark blue, ocean green, victorian blue, dark brown, dark brown green, dark blue le, dark blue dusk, tiger brown, medium blue grey, sunrise blue 

20 mm eyes



victorian le, ocean green, dark brown, new born dark blue, golden hazel, sunrise blue, dark blue dusk, aqua hazel, tiger brown, dark brown green, medium blue grey 

22mm eyes



chocolate brown, golden hazel, ocean green, victorian blue, dark  brown green, lavender le, vienna le, victoria le, dark brown, dark blue dusk, sunrise blue

24mm eyes



tiger brown, golden hazel, chocolate, ocean green, victorian blue, china blue le, dark brown

26mm eyes

12mm & 14mm eyes in victorian blue, ocean green, chocolate brown $6 pair