these are kits only, the picture is an example of what the kit could look like when made


 Catriona 21"  mixed kit with Sabine Hanson head and Adrie Stoete 3/4 limbs  $70 no body

 Corbin by Linda K Smith 21" 3/4 limbs with body  22mm eyes required $80

Grant by Michelle Fagan 23" full arms 3/4 legs with body    22mm eyes required  $90

 Jolan by Didy Jacobsen 20" 3/4 limbs requires 20mm eyes $70 no body

    Lee Lee by Laura Tuzio Ross 20" 3/4 arms full legs with body slip $105 with body

 Lexi by Sandra White 18 3/4 limbs with body $70

l   Lorena may by Janet Paugler 20" 3/4 limbs $85 no body

 Megan by Pat Moulton 16" 3/4 arms full legs with body $80

Rowan by Jessica Schenk 24" 3/4 limbs  with body     22mm eyes required seconds $60

  Storm by Adrie
This kit will be Adrie's 50th sculpt to be made into a kit, he's limited to 600, 100 Special Editions* and 500 normal ones.This  baby will measure 20" (50cm) depending on the body used! He’s mde of German  soft vinyl (same as Noëlle, Bo-Elle, Paris),  and has ¾ arms and ¾ legs plus body. His limbs are sculpted just for him and will not be used on future babies, so he and all future babies will be completely unique. $120 with body    250 of 500

  Taite by Denise Pratt 16" 3/4 limbs $50 no body



SECRIST 1/4 limb $30 3/4 limb $40

Button 17"

Jamie 17"

Sassy 17"

Paddy 19"

Acorn 22"

Hope  22"

 Jordan 22"