General Globecraft Memory Assembly Instructions

  1. Using largest oval trace an oval outline in center of back plate. 
  2. Cut photo or 3D image to fit inside oval outline on back plate.
  3. Glue photo or 3D image to back plate
  4. Apply glue to chipboard
  5. Apply pattern (you cutout or use precut) using alignment holes to center paper on chipboard. Use tiny nails in holes as guide posts. Repeat process for each oval layer.
  6. Place flat wight, such as book, on each oval until dry.
  7. Apply two-sided tape or glue on top of dome lip.
  8. Place large oval over dome adhering it to the top of the dome lip.
  9. Place nails in alignment holes of back plate.
  10. Apply glue to bottom side of large oval, then place oval on to back plate using alignment hole to center it. Clamp in place until dry.
  11. Repeat process for medium and small ovals.
  12. Add any external embellishments desired If adding embellishments between the frame layers you will want to glue the embellishments on before gluing the frame layers together. (ribbons, buttons, journal card tags, scrapbook embellishments, etc).